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50 Fantasy Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Story

Fantasy is a genre that transports us to realms of the imagination, where magic is real, mythical creatures roam, and the lines between good and evil are often blurred. It's a genre that allows us to explore human nature, morality, and the complexities of our world through a different lens with unique characters. Maybe you're stuck in a writing rut, or maybe you're just having trouble creating your own ideas in the vast landscape of competition. Or, maybe you're trying to launch your indie novel and don't know where to start.

Whatever the case, try these 50 writing prompts to boost your creativity and inspire your next story.

50 Fantasy Writing Prompts

hobbit hole

Let's dive into our list of 50 fantasy writing prompts...

  1. The Necromancer's Mistake: An apprentice to a necromancer accidentally awakens an ancient, malevolent spirit. What chaos ensues?

  2. The Cursed Knight: A knight is cursed to relive the last battle he lost every night in his dreams. How does he cope with the endless torment?

  3. The King's Doppelgänger: A rogue assassin is hired to kill the king, only to discover the king is already dead and has been replaced by a doppelgänger. What happens next?

  4. The Banished Witch: A witch is banished to a desolate land where she must survive using only her dark magic. How does she adapt to her new environment?

  5. The Warlock's Pact: A warlock makes a pact with a demon, but the price is his sanity. How does he manage the consequences?

  6. The City of Nightmares: A city is plagued by nightmares that come to life when the sun sets. How do the inhabitants deal with their living nightmares?

  7. The Cursed Artifact: A cursed artifact brings great power, but at the cost of the user's life force. Who dares to use it and for what purpose?

  8. The Fallen Angel: A fallen angel seeks redemption but is hunted by both heaven and hell. Can he find a place where he belongs?

  9. The Immortal Tyrant: A group of rebels try to overthrow a tyrant who is rumored to be an immortal vampire. Do they succeed?

  10. The Child of the Dark Star: A child born under a dark star is prophesied to bring about the end of the world. How does the world react to this child?

  11. The Sorcerer's Love: A sorcerer's forbidden love with a mortal leads to a tragic and deadly outcome.

  12. The Ghost's Revenge: A ghost seeks revenge on the descendants of those who wronged him in life.

  13. The Dragon's Awakening: A dragon awakens from a centuries-long sleep, only to find the world has moved on without it.

  14. The Queen's Sacrifice: A queen sacrifices her own child to secure her kingdom's future.

  15. The Warrior's Choice: A warrior is forced to kill his best friend to save his own life.

  16. The City of the Undead: A group of adventurers discover a city of gold, only to find it's inhabited by the undead.

  17. The Bard's Curse: A bard sings a song that brings about a curse on the town.

  18. The Beast Prince: A prince is turned into a beast by a scorned witch and must find a way to break the curse.

  19. The Deity's Trap: A group of mercenaries are hired to retrieve a relic, but it turns out to be a trap set by a malevolent deity.

  20. The Sea Monster's Deal: A king makes a deal with a sea monster to ensure his kingdom's prosperity.

  21. The Haunted Hero: A hero is haunted by the ghost of every creature he's ever killed.

  22. The Mage's Transformation: A young mage's spell goes horribly wrong, turning her into a monster.

  23. The God's Love: A god falls in love with a mortal, causing chaos and destruction in both the mortal and divine realms.

  24. The Cursed Gem: A thief steals a cursed gem that brings him nothing but misfortune.

  25. The Knight's Dilemma: A knight is forced to serve a corrupt king or face death.

  26. The Cannibal Island: A group of explorers find a paradise island, only to discover it's inhabited by cannibals.

  27. The Wizard's Abomination: A wizard's experiment to create life results in a horrifying abomination.

  28. The Mad Hero: A hero is tasked with saving the world, but he's slowly losing his mind.

  29. The Dragon Queen: A princess is kidnapped by a dragon, but she ends up ruling the dragon's kingdom.

  30. The Warlord's Downfall: A warlord's ambition to conquer the world leads to his own downfall.

  31. The Cursed Gold: A group of pirates find a treasure chest filled with cursed gold.

  32. The Witch Hunter's Love: A witch hunter falls in love with his target.

  33. The Stone Plague: A druid tries to save his forest home from a plague that turns all living things to stone.

  34. The Hunted Vampire: A vampire tries to regain his humanity but is hunted by his own kind.

  35. The King's Greed: A king's greed leads to his kingdom's ruin.

  36. The Hero's Dark Path: A hero's quest for revenge leads him down a dark path.

  37. The Ancient Evil: A group of adventurers awaken an ancient evil during their quest for treasure.

  38. The Queen's War: A queen's lust for power leads to a bloody civil war.

  39. The Lich Sorcerer: A sorcerer's quest for immortality turns him into a lich.

  40. The Shadow Battle: A warrior is forced to fight his own shadow in a battle to the death.

  41. The Underworld City: A group of explorers discover a city hidden beneath the earth42. The Possessed Prince: A prince is possessed by a demon and his family must decide whether to save him or kill him.

  42. The Invisible Rogue: A rogue is cursed to become invisible during the day and visible only at night.

  43. The Monstrous Monks: A group of monks in a remote monastery start turning into grotesque creatures.

  44. The Vampire's Humanity: A vampire tries to regain his humanity but is hunted by his own kind.

  45. The King's Statue: A king is turned into a statue by a jealous wizard and his kingdom falls into ruin.

  46. The Plague Artifact: A group of thieves steal a powerful artifact, only to unleash a deadly plague.

  47. The Ghostly Messages: A young girl discovers she can speak to the dead, but they only bring her messages of doom.

  48. The Beast's Curse: A beast terrorizes a village, but it's revealed to be a cursed human who can't control his transformations.

  49. The Timeless Prison: A hero is trapped in a timeless prison by a vengeful god, forced to relive his worst memories over and over again.

  50. A Killing Kiss: A kiss from a lover infects a sorcerer with a disease that kills him slowly, and the only way to save himself is to find the lost lover and kill him.


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