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My story as a writer started when I was young. I remember writing my first "book," which I still have, in the 4th grade for a school project. It was called, "The Samurai's Revenge." I knew nothing about samurai in the 4th grade, and even less about writing about samurai or anything else, for that matter. What I did know was that I loved the process of creating a story and turning it into a book. My teacher helped us bind the books with glue, cardboard, and cloth, and that book sits on my shelf to this day as a reminder of where it all started.

I read Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter over the next few years. I think fantasy always held a special appeal to me because of the characters. You always had larger-than-life men and women doing extraordinary things. They were heroes. Men and women of honor, virtue. They were brave in the face of their enemies, stalwart during times of adversity, and they always kept their friends close. I admired them. I loved the settings. I wanted to be part of that process, of creating something timeless and putting my own ideas into similar characters.

I kept writing, all through high school and beyond. I wrote a 10-page addition to A Midsummer Night's Dream in 10th grade that my teacher awarded me extra credit for. So it was no surprise that in 2017, after many attempts at college and finding my job niche, I took a job as a part-time copywriter.

My career continued from there, and about the same time, I met Kora Sadler, the leader of our local writers group. Little did I know at the time, Kora was an inspirational leader; a hero of sorts, like those in my favorite stories. She cared for everyone, she made a place for me in the group, and perhaps most importantly, she ignited the flame of creativity I'd had yet to give life to. I had story ideas, but I never had the love, admiration, and support of someone who genuinely cared about my craft.

She published one of my early short stories in the group's yearly anthology, and I was hooked from there. There was something really, really special about Kora, and I'll always remember her contribution to my writing. Without her, I don't think I'd have had the confidence to take this up. This calling as a writer has always been there, she just gave me permission to release it.

Kora passed away in January of 2022, and she's sorely missed. But every time I sit down to write, I think of her, and the unspoken promise that lives in my heart. I will keep writing. I will keep creating.

So, here I am. I'm an author with a simple mission: to create sprawling, compelling worlds and memorable characters for a dedicated audience. I write everything from fantasy to sci-fi to westerns to short stories and I'm a professional copywriter and editor as my day job. I have three children and a beautiful partner and a little tiny dog who takes up far more space than her little frame should allow.

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