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The Chamber of Eyes Cover 2.png

The Chamber of Eyes
Novella, 2020

Dr. Maran Gannon ventured into the unknown of the Andes Mountains in August of 1922, only to return to England in September of that same year with an enigmatic madness about him. He fell into ruin, committing horrible acts in the name of his mysterious lunacy, and has never been found. Inside this publication are his journal contents, such as they were upon their recovery in October of that year. What the doctor saw during those months in the jungle filled his very soul with a fear so deep that it nearly killed him. Only in his own words can the horror of his discoveries be visualized.

The Chamber of Eyes Cover 2.png
Velyiére Masked Final.png

The Lanse of Heaven
Book One of the Eatherstrider Series

The first series in the overarching "Izirdra Saga", which spans about 20,000 years of in-world history from the classical to the sc-fi age. This particular story is set in a 14th century-esque setting.

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