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Announcing The Lanse of Heaven, Book One of the Eatherstrider Series

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I am currently in the drafting stages of the first book of my Eatherstrider series, The Lanse of Heaven. I've been working on this book since the Winter of 2021, and it's somewhat built on its prequel series, which I'll finish writing and release later on.

Built in Izirdra

The Lanse of Heaven, along with most of my other novels, takes place in a sprawling world known as Izirdra, in the province of Dóciens. The goal here is to create a world where we follow about 20,000 years of history through various series with different characters and events, from the "classical age" to the "space age," covering fantasy and sci-fi genres, respectively.


The Eatherstrider Series takes place in a fantasy setting not so different from 14th-century France and follows the perspectives of multiple characters:

Velyiére, a talented Alchemist seeking to repair his broken relationship with his sister and cure the town of Avenion of a deadly plague.

Néomie, a sister living under the shadow of her brother's accomplishments and the trauma of their father's abuse, yearning to discover her true value and escape from her ugly past.

Sórena, a young, naive girl, thrust into great power who must choose between faiths and the path of power and independence or safety and servitude.

Ivene, a mother under the thumb of a powerful Bishop, trying to free her son from captivity and take revenge on the Church for their capture and servitude.

Grand Bishop Charleón, the Grand Bishop of the Sánic Church, seeking a cure for the plague that will surely claim his life and ascendency to the position of Patriarch.


Velyiére has been away from the city of Avenion for a number of years, studying alchemy at the Silver Pinnacle, the seat of Alchemic power in Dóciens. Upon receiving a letter from his brother-in-law and fellow Alchemist, Iyil, he makes his way back to his hometown, only to find it ravaged by plague and under the iron fist of the Sánic Church. When he arrives, Iyil is dying of plague, and his sister, Néomie, with whom he has a troubled past, is poised to leave Avenion forever. Velyiére's only hope to make his friend's death mean something and fix his relationship with his sister is to cure Avenion of the mysterious disease and make it a bustling, vibrant place once more.

Sórena has always been a faithful, obedient follower of the Sánic church until Antoine, an orphan taken in by her parents, enters her life. The ensuing pregnancy scandal, secret adoption, and disappearance of the man rocks the foundations of her beliefs and her family standing, landing her in the Convent of the Adherent as a means of rehabilitation from her sinful ways. Disinherited, disgraced, and humiliated,

Sórena resigns herself to her studies, even if she is resistant to the authoritative power of the Adherent's matriarch. Her duties force a chance encounter with Antoine, who, in an attempt to escape captivity, leads her on a journey that thrusts her into sudden power and challenges her faith, her morals, and her place in the world. She's forced to choose between the faith and family she knows and the mysterious power of the heretical Eather and the possibilities it represents.

Tentative Release Date

I'm not certain of the release date, but I'm hoping to have a first draft done by mid-2023 at the very latest.

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